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switch in networking

switch in networking ,What are examples of network devices? , What is meant by networking devices? , What are networking and internetworking devices

switch in networking

NETWORKING DEVICES They are called, with the help of which the computers are mutually communicated and there are many types of NETWORKING DEVICES and all the devices are used in different places. NETWORKING DEVICES is used to communicate one or more computers. A computer cannot communicate with another computer without any type of NETWORKING DEVICES, but a computer can be connected to another computer by ethernet cable. To do this, some type of NETWORKING DEVICES is not required. Let’s talk about these devices. I know the details.



Hub is a NETWORKING DEVICES used in LAN network. You will get to use HUB in a computer lab. There are 10 computers in one place and all of them are connected to HUB via Ethernet Wire and communicating among themselves. With the help of HUB, a computer can easily do this if it wants to share the file with another computer. All computers connected to HUB can communicate with each other, but if HUB is used in a network and when one computer has to transfer the file to another computer, then HUB sends that file to all computers and the computer to which the file is sent. Accepts it. In this data packets have the source and IP address of the destination due to which the data reaches its destination. It is not considered smartNETWORKING DEVICES. There are two types of HUB: Active HUB and Passive HUB. HUB operates on the physical layer of the OSI Model.

Active Hubs

Active Hubs forward the signals by regenrate and amplify our signal, requiring electricity.

Passive hubs

Passive Hubs do not regenrate or amplify signals in any way, it simply acts to forward signals coming from behind. They do not need electricity.

Intellegent Hubs

This Hub neither regenrate and amplify the signals, these Hubs are monitored with the help of other hubs and all the ports of a hub can be configured by the administrator and are also called managable hubs.


A switch is a Networking device. The switch is also used like a hub. All computers in a computerlab can be communicated to each other by using the switch. But the switch is a smart NETWORKING DEVICE because when the switch shares the file from one computer to another computer, the switch does not send FILE to another computer connected to the network. Switch performs data forwarding as well as filtering of data. If 10 computers are connected using the switch, then the switch will keep the IP address of all those computers so that when communicating in future, then it will be able to find the destination computer with the help of IP address called CAM (content address memory) table. .Switch has simulationsly let’s understand it by example

For example, suppose a network has 4 computers a, b, c, d and if computer a sends data to computer b and at the same time if computer b also sends data to computer a, then the speed of sharing of data on both sides is equal.

Types Of Switch

Store and Forward

cut through

fragment free

adaptive switch

Store and Forward

The Store and Forward Switch has a buffaloga and when it recieve the frame it stores it in buffer and also does errorchecking. If there is some kind of error in the frame then it drops the frame and does not forward. Store and Forward are slow but the data transfer done by them is reliable.

Cut through switch

In this type of switch, only the hardwareaddress of the frame is seen, there is no error checking in it. The cut through switch transfers the data fastly but there is no guarantee that the data will be correctly accessed.

Fragment free

Fragment free is a combination of store and forward and cut through why in such a switch the data of the first 64 bytes of data packets is error checked. If an error occurs then the data packets are dropped kovi if not. Is forwarded without checking.

Adaptive switch

In Adaptive Switch, out of these three types of switches, which seems right, they are used automatically, the type of switching process which is better for sending data is used automatically.


Router is a NETWORKING DEVICE as the name itself suggests route to route any two or more networks, a Router can be connected to another network with the help of Router like say one network has 5 computers and the other network also There are 5 computers and the IP address of one network is of 10 series and the IP address of the other network is of 20 series,

so the communication of the Router is required to communicate both the networks. Requirements are needed Router is Istemalkia to get Communication on another two split up the network you can read by anyone not Kisirautr this blog. The router works on the network layer of the OSI Model.


Restrict Broadcast to LAN

ACT As a default gateway

Route Between networks

Learn and Advertise loop free path

Restrict Broadcast to the Network

Broadcast means sending one data to all devices without Broadcast communication is very difficult. Many types of ProtocolsBroadcast communicate with each other like, AAP, RRP and dhcp etcBroadcast cannot be completely eliminated with the help of router but it can be reduced in small network, there is not much problem in broadcasting but there is a big network If there is a broadcast, then the data can be problematic. If there is too much broadcast, then there are problems like data loss and speed is reduced. Ati but if the router on Donetvrk he Dwaranetvrk router is divided in to small parts.

Acts as a default gateway

Router as act default gateway also works like if there are few computers in a network then they can communicate with each other without the network, but if they have to access the internet they cannot do it without router then my default gateway will do its work In this way all the computers have to configure the IP address of the router in the gateway to access the Internet.

Route Between Networks

Router helps in communicating in two different types of network coops such as the IP address of a computer in a network is of 10 series and it has to be connected to another network, this is done with the help of router. Router also connects devices connected to both wired and wireless connections.

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When we use the internet, we do not have connections made by any one router.

Many routers connect together, with the help of which we search anything on the internet and have addresses like if we open then our computers till A lot of Surrey Reuters are used to make a connection to. In all Reuters, the routing table is configured which enables us to connect to the Internet.


A bridge is a NETWORKING DEVICE type router used to connect two different types of networks. Similarly, a bridge is used to connect two sub networks such as a computer lab on the 1st floor and another if on the 2nd floor.

So here, using computer bridge, both computer labs can be CONNECT. For example, on one side there are 5 computers and on the other side there are 5 computers and between them the bridge is installed,

if in such a way no 2 computers have to communicate with no 7 computers then only Bridge sends the data to the other side but if no 2 computers No 4 Bridge does not allow data to be communicated with the computer. The bridge works on the data link layer of the OSI Model

, it sends the data to the right place with the help of the source and the destination mac address.


Modem is used very much in today’s time, whenever internet is installed at home, then Modem is used on it.Modem modulates data and demodulator like if the data is in digital signals then the modulator works if the data is in analog signals then demodulator Performs its function. Computers perceive data in digital form and signals come in analog form through cables. Modem also has features of Router, Switch, so that computers can be connected to Modem by ethernet cable. Modem (ADSL) uses the Asymmetric digital subscriber line technology to perform routing. With the help of ADSL and Modem, we can access the Internet.



A repeater is a device that works to increase the strength of the signal, by its help the data can be accessed far as if the signal is low at some place, the strength of the signal is increased with the help of repeater. The repeater recieves signals coming from behind and retransmit them forward forwards. Data loss does not occur due to the help of repeater.

Just as there are two buildings and the signal comes well in one building but the signals do not come to the other building, in such a way, by connecting the repeater through the cables, the signal strength can be detected better by increasing the strength of the signal.

Analog repeaters forward signals by amplifying signals while Digital Repeaters forward signals only by purifying and regenrating the signals.

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