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 Boats sail in the rivers, And ships sail in the seas; But clouds that sail across the sky Are prettier far than these. There are bridges on the rivers, As pretty as you please; But the bow what bridges heaven, And overtops the trees, And builds a road from earth to sky is prettier far than these.

1. Ships sail : 

(A) in the rivers

(B) across the sky

(C) in the seas 

(D) under the bridges


2. Which is the prettiest? 

(A) Boats

 (B) Ships

(C) Rivers 

(D) Clouds


3. A rainbow looks like a : 

(A) boundary

(B) miracle 

(C) bridge

(D) heaven


4. “These’ in the fourth line does not include :

(A) boats

(B) rainbow

(C) ships 

(D) Both

(A) and (C)


5. Which degree of comparison has been used in the poem ?

(A) Superlative only

(B) Comparative and Positive

(C) Positive and Superlative 

(D) None of the above


6. Adjective of Body: 

(A) Corporal

(B) Bodily

(C) Corporeal

(D) All of these


7. As unstable as ……… 

(A) water

(B) mule 

(C) mercury

(D) air


8. Give one-word substitution to the following: Life history of a man written by himself is called :

(A) Bibliography

(B) Calligraphy

(C) Biography 

(D) Autobiography


9. Change the following into passive voice: Rita writes a letter to him everyday.

(A) To him a letter was written by Rita everyday.

(B) A letter was written to him by Rita everyday.

(C) A letter is written to him by Rita everyday.

(D) He is being written a letter by Rita everyday. 


10. Change the following Verb into Noun: Approve

(A) Approving

(B) Approval 

(C) Approved

(D) Approves




11. Choose the correct figure of speech in the following sentence: “Fair is foul and foul is faire

(A) Hyperbole

(B) Oxymoron 

(C) Metaphor

(D) Simile


12. Which of the following was a ‘Nature Poet’?

(A) Edgar Allen Poe

(B) William Wordsworth

(C) Wole Soyinka 

(D) Walt Witman


13. Choose the Synonym for the following word: Derogatory

(A) Resolution

(B) Solace 

(C) Humiliating

(D) Forlorn


14. Find out the grammatically correct sentence:

(A) This is the road to go

(B) Let us aim to do good

(C) Take down his address in your copy 

(D) I wrote to him yesterday


15. The poem ‘On his Blindness’ is composed by which of the following poets ?

(A) P. B. Shelley

(B) John Keats

(C) John Milton 

(D) Robert Frost


16. Find out the incorrectly spelt word: 

(A) Elucidate

(B) Exeggarate

(C) Exile 

 (D) Exonerate


17. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word 

(A) Enunciate

(B) Gullible 

(C) Infallible

(D) Instegate


18. Complete the sentence with appropriate word. Your hand writing should be

(A) Intelligent

(B) Intelligible 

(C) Intellectual

(D) Introvert


19. Give the proper relative Pronoun in the following sentence All…….glitters is not gold.

(A) which

(B) that 

(C) who

(D) whom


20. Find out the appropriate meaning of the given word: Etymology

(A) Act of spying

(B) To free from blame

(C) Likeness of a person 

(D) A study of the origin of words


21. Find out the appropriate meaning of the given word: Inimitable

(A) Incapable of being reached

(B) Incapable of being believed 

(C) Incapable of being imitated 

(D) A list of goods.




22. Choose one word for the following expression: “A lover of mankind’

(A) Theist

(B) Veteran 

(C) Philanthropist

(D) Omnipotent


23. Find out the incorrect sentence :

(A) The apples are grown in many differentcountries Table

(B) Books are essential to a student 

(C) Chess is a game which requires great patience

(D) The Sharmas live at Elgin Road 


24. Find out the incorrect sentence :

 (A) Is this my pen, or is it yours?

(B) We got up at dawn and had breakfast at eight o’clock

(C) We have a holiday on Christma

(D) Come back in an hour’s time


25. Use the correct form of verb in the following sentence: He…… Allahabad for five years

(A) lives

(B) has been living

(C) have been living 

(D) living


26. Choose the correct meaning of the following phrase: Beck and call

(A) Came to nothing

(B) Under absolute control

(C) Under all conditions 

(D) To rebuke


27. Choose the correct Antonyms for the following word: Expedite

(A) Hostile

(B) Reluctant 

(C) Delay

(D) Rigid


28. Fill in the blank with the correct Preposition : The Judge acquitted him…….the murder charge.

(A) off 

(B) of 

(C) for 

(D) from


29. Fill in the blank with the Past Perfect Continuous Tense : The doctor was very tired as he….. alone.

(A) has worked

(B) had worked

(C) has been working 

(D) had been working


30. Find out the correct word of the asked grammatical category of the given word Adjective of Accent :

(A) Accentuate

(B) Accentual

(C) Accentuated

(D) Accentuation 

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