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Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options. 

The art of Madhubani painting is the traditional style developed in the Mithila region, in the villages around Madhubani, Bihar. Madhubani literally means a forest of honey. This style of painting has been traditionally used by the women of the region, though today men are also involved to meet the demand. The work is done on freshly plastered mud walls. For commercial purposes, it is now being done on paper, cloth, etc. The paintings are basically of religious nature. They are done in the special rooms of their homes in the Pooja room, ritual, area, bridal room), on the main village walls, etc., for ceremonial or ritualistic purposes. The women offer prayers to the deity before starting the work. Figures from nature and mythology are adapted to suit their style. The themes and designs widely painted are the worship of Hindu deities such as Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Sun and Moon, Tulsi plant, court scenes, wedding scenes and other social events taking place around them. 

Floral, animal and bird motifs, geometrical designs are used to fill up all the gaps. There is hardly any empty space in this style. Cotton wrapped around a bamboo stick forms the brush. The colours applied are prepared by the artists. The skill is handed down the generations, and hence the traditional designs and patterns are widely maintained. It is believed that the genesis of Madhubani paintings came about when King Janaka asked for paintings to be developed for his daughter Sita’s wedding. 

1. Madhubani paintings are no longer done exclusively by women on walls :

(A) as men are better painters .

(B) as paper is cheaper 

(C) because cloth is more durable 

(D) to meet their widespread demand


2. Madhubani paintings are essentially of religious nature when they are done :

(A) on the village walls

(B) using figures from nature

(C) in the Pooja room 

(D) in the bridal room


3. These paintings become secular when they depict :

(A) Tulsi plant

(B) wedding scenes

(C) court scenes 

(D) worship of Saraswati


4. A Madhubani painting shows only: 

(A) flowers and plants

(B) geometrical designs

(C) a balanced portrayal of all of them 

(D) Hindu deities


5. The art of Madhubani painting is learnt in the

(A) families at home

(B) homes of renowned artists

(C) Ashrams of Madhubani 

(D) schools of art


6. ‘Floral’ is an adjective derived from the noun, ‘flower’. Aural is derived from the noun :

(A) ear 

(B) eye

(C) mouth

(D) morning


7. “…. on freshly plastered mud walls.” 

The word ‘plastered’ is a/an :

(A) infinitive

(B) participle 

(C) particle

(D) gerund


8. The word ‘genesis’ means the same as : 

(A) original

(B) spirit 

(C) growth

(D) birth


9. Neither I nor my friend Tom felt the exhibition was very good.

(A) adjective

(B) adverb 

(C) conjunction

(D) preposition


10. Form verb from the Noun given below Dependence

(A) Depending

(B) Depend 

(C) Dependable

(D) Depender


11. Which one of the following options will complete the phrasal verb in the following sentence ? The bus slowed ……. and finally stopped.

(A) up 

(B) over

(C) about

(D) down 

12. The triangle………three sides are equal is called an equilateral triangle

 (A) whom

(B) whose 

(C) which

(D) who


13. Find out the grammatically correct sentence :

(A) This is the road to go.

(B) Let us aim to do good.

(C) Take down his address in your copy.

(D) I wrote to him yesterday.


14. Running is the best exercise. 

(A) Running is better exercise than other exercis

 (B) No other exercise is as good as running

 (C) Running is as good as other exercise

(D) Running is not so good as other exercise


15. Choose the correct pronoun to complete the following This book is ……., and that one is mine.

(A) our book

(B) your 

(C) yours

(D) yours book


16. Use the suitable ‘Conjunction’ to complete the following sentence: ‘You must either inform the police be prepared to suffer any loss’

(A) nor 

(B) or

(C) and 

(D) None


17. Give the synonym of the following word: ‘Dappled

 (A) spotted

(B) plain 

(C) simple

(D) unpatterned


18. Complete the following sentence with an appropriate article : I hit _thumb with a hammer when I was hanging the picture.

(A) to 

(B) a

(C) the 

(D) None


19. Write the feminine form of: ‘Colt 

(A) Filly 

(B) butch

(C) baroness

(D) Jewess


20. Mention a common suitable prefix to the following words : Side, snear, daub.

(A) er 

(B) be

(C) de 

(D) ment


21. Choose the correct alternative (Parts of speech) for the underlineed word: Let’s make cookies

 (A) interjection

(B) adjective 

(C) noun 

(D) preposition

22. Use the correct form of Verb in the following sentence: He……….in Allahabad for five years

 (A) lives

(B) has been living

(C) have been living

(D) living 


23. Give the proper relative pronoun in the following sentence. All_ glitter is not gold.

(A) which

(B) that

(C) who 

(D) whom


24. Change the following into passive voice : Rita writes a letter to him everyday.

(A) To him a letter was written by Rita everyday.

(B) A letter was written to him by Rita everyday.

(C) A letter is written to him by Rita everyday.

(D) He is being written a letter by Rita everyday.


25. Find out the incorrect sentence :

(A) Is this my pen, or is it yours?

(B) We got up at dawn and had breakfast at eight o’clock.

(C) We have a holiday on Christmas. 

(D) Come back in an hour’s time


26. Complete the following sentence by using correct alternative : Walk carefully lest....

(A) you may fall down

(B) you should fall down

(C) you will fall down 

(D) you can fall down


27. Fill in the blanks with suitable Modal Auxiliary verbs given below the sentences He prayed that God …….. give me prosperity.

(A) must 

(B) could

(C) should 

(D) might


28. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners given below the sentence : Only …… students passed the entrance test.

(A) many 

(B) three

(C) every 

(D) any


29. Keep the ball rolling ……….. The underlined word is

(A) Present participle

(B) Infinitive 

(C) Finite form

(D) Gerund


30. Find out the error in the following sen tence :

What to speak of milk(A)

/even water was(B)

/ not available there (C)

/No error (D) 


वर्तमान परीक्षा प्रणाली की कमियाँ 

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